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2019-02 UK

2019-02 UK

The opening ceremony of the High-G Training Facility, a joint project between AMST-Systemtechnik GmbH and Thales UK, took place at RAF Cranwell on 4 February 2019. Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier, tested the capability himself and was deeply impressed. He stated that his test felt like flying a real aircraft and that this centrifuge is the perfect training device:

AMST is proud to have received this contract from the UK MoD. Our sincere thanks to the team of DE&S for the excellent cooperation during the programme. It is the first time that such a contract was finished so quickly, even though new cockpits and software features were developed. We thank all AMST who took part in the project. They made it possible to complete the project on schedule within two and a half years.

The new High-G Training and Test Capability of the Royal Air Force allows pilots, who fly the Hawk, Typhoon or F35 aircraft to experience G-forces up to 9 G in dynamic flight simulation Training. The operating range is -3 to +12 Gz with an onset rate of 8 G/s. The centrifuge features a highly realistic out-of-the-window view representing the UK. For the first time in any centrifuge, the three type-representative replica cockpits can be interchanged within 30 minutes.

Since pilots now have the same environment as in their aircraft, training comes very close to reality. A major development of AMST, which minimises the unwanted Coriolis effects caused by a rotating machine, contributes to the effectiveness of the capability.

The BBC and numerous other media reported about the event: