Underwater Escape Training System

Water survival training under hazard weather conditions – learn how to escape and dive to survive


Capable to operate and use their safety equipment efficiently


AMST can offer two different solutions for the HUET cabins:

A modular HUET cabin for training of up to 14 passengers (HUET-M)
This evacuation simulator provides a flexible and scale able training environment based on exchangeable exit modules and cabin equipment. The system is designed for man-rated lifting operations focused on wide body helicopter operator like Navy, Military, Coast Guard and O&G service provider

An alternative, economic training system optimized to fulfil OPITO, NOGEPA and OLF recommendations for O&G service providers (HUET-S).
This simulator concept will be designed and installed in cooperation with TH Engineering Ltd. The company has long term experience in the Norwegian O&G industry.


Practical training in underwater escape techniques is a key factor in ensuring survival of helicopter crew


HUET Modular


HUET Small


Features of the HUET Modular

Helicopter Underwater Escape Trainer (HUET)

HUET designed to allow aircrew and passengers to learn the skills necessary to save their lives after ditching and forced to escape their sinking helicopter. Designed as a universal trainer capable of simulating different types of helicopters by incorporating several design features to permit flexibility in configuration and operation.


The crane designed according to the highest safety standards – and is CE certified. For the handling of the HUET an overhead cross gantry crane is installed. The operation done either from an operating desk or via a wireless remote control unit. All components in the force flux (winches, drives and load suspension) are redundant.

Huet Seat

The seat structure consists of two parts, the base plate with quick-change fastener and the seat structure with height adjustment for easy change of the seat configuration dependent on the aircraft type. Backrest and seating area perforated for less water resistance, and has a static harness restraint system.

Cockpit Instrument Panel and Controls

The generic cockpit instrument panel is reconfigurable, has a glare shield, generic front plate and centre console with throttle, dependent on the aircraft type. The cyclic control stick for helicopter are generic in function of movement equipped with quick-change fittings for easy installation/reconfiguration.

Doors and Windows

The cabin structure has separate doors, windows and the compartment exits for each defined aircraft type with an emergency exit. Each exit module screwed with quick lock fastener for easy and fast installation with window and open/exit linkage for helicopter. For safety, each door or window has outside handles.


Features of the HUET Small

Helicopter Underwater Escape Trainer (HUET)

Generic training cell made of marine grade aluminium. Cabin interior can be arranged flexible for 6 passengers + 2 pilots or 8 passengers only.

SR-XS Model for Crane Handling

Modular training solution for 6–10 trainees. Redesign of S5-8SAR simulator. The basic module can be extended by 2 seat passenger modules and/or a cockpit. Cabin rotation will be supported by a rotary ring and an active drive system. Handling support by a single beam crane with variable speed hoist.

PH-XS Model for Lifting Mast

Modular training solution for 4–8 trainees. Designed for integration to existing pools and less building height. No need for traverse crane support. Redesign of S6-8SAR simulator.

S5-8SAR Model for Crane Handling

Cabin handling with traverse crane. Variable speed control for hoist. Cabin rotation in both directions. Simulator operated by handheld control or radio control unit.

S6-8SAR Model for Lifting Mast

Pole mounted egress simulator. Variable speed control for hoist. Cabin rotation in both directions. Simulator operated by handheld control or radio control unit. Ideal for later on installation at existing pools.


Fiberglass seats equipped with 4 point “twist to release” safety belts with emergency release. Instructor seats with integrated EMERGENCY WARNING push-button.

Environmental Simulation

Features for the simulation of waves, current, wind, weather and sound

Pool with Wave and Current Generation

A wave ball swimming on the water surface and oscillating in vertical direction produces waves up to a height of ±1 m. The current generating system is an air bubble and water pipe device that injects a jet stream into the pool. It enhances the realism of water rushing into a sinking cockpit or currents in an open sea.

Weather Simulation

Day and night conditions, wind (80 km/h in a distance of 10 m), rain (fine spraying to big rain drops), waves with different patterns, current, smoke/fog, cold and hot temperatures, variable humidity levels, thunder, lightning and sound samples. Outdoor dome strobe effects to produce various lightning effects.

Ambient Light Control System

Pool area consists of twelve lighting zones with an ON/OFF switch for each zone. For day/night simulation, the complete lighting system is dimmable on demand. In case of an emergency stop or a fire alarm, the lights automatically switch on.

Sound Simulation

Realistic sound simulation for pre-programmed aircraft, marine and emergency evacuation missions as well as customized sound scenarios

Wind Generator

High performance wind generators with variable speed control and integrated water nozzle network. Mechanically adjustable swivel axis and turntable. Vibration control for advanced condition monitoring.


AMST provides complete turnkey solutions

Training Data Management System

The training-data management systems collects all data for recording and debriefing. In addition, the names of the trainees related to the seat number inside the HUET cabin.

Shallow Water Egress Trainer – SWET

The SWET is a single-seat, emergency egress trainer having a specially designed frame fitted with buoyancy pods that allow easy handling and inversion by instructors. It is a simple training tool for trainees with fear of water or feeling uncomfortable in an inverted position underwater, or have no experience of breathing compressed air, or are novices in UWET training.


The Shallow Water Initial Memory Mechanical Exit Release (SWIMMER) is a procedural trainer for underwater location and operation of emergency exits.

Static Helicopter Rescue Hoist Trainer – SRHT

SRHT situated on a platform and is integrated in the upper deck of the building and has a helicopter door simulated in dimension and position. Door width is adjustable. The SRHT and search light work together with the door replica to simulate the rescue hoisting and has a rotor downwash simulator including rain nozzles.

Dynamic Rescue Hoist Trainer – DRHT

DRHT is installed on the crane and works together with the hovering HUET. It comes with a rescue hoisting trolley for dynamic rescue hoisting and has a rotor downwash simulator including rain nozzles and a search light. The training system is used for single and multi-person lifebelts and baskets.

Rotor Downwash Simulator – RDS

For high fidelity training the RDS is additionally installed at the crane trolley and provides wind speeds up to 50 km/h to simulate cyclic hover routines. It has a special nozzle system for rain simulation with adjustable flow rate according to the training demand.


The UWET is installed at following customers

UWETS – Middle East 2015

In 2012, AMST awarded the contract from a Middle East country. In October 2013, AMST passed the FAT successfully. The installation will be completed in 2015. The delivered system includes all Features and Options.

SWET and SWIMMER – Spain 2015

In 2015, AMST delivered a Shallow Water Egress Trainer (SWET) and a Shallow Water Initial Memory Mechanical Exit Release (SWIMMER) to CIMA in Spain.