Technical Documentation

The technical documentation is an important part of the AMST products. Each product includes an adequate technical documentation.


The documentation is made according to DIN EN 82079-1: Preparation of instructions for use – Structuring, content and presentation – Part 1: General principles and detailed requirements.

The following types of manuals are typical parts delivered with a system:



User Manual

Content of the user manual: – General description and safety advices – Instructions and procedures to perform inspections before, during and after system operation – Procedures to perform normal system operations, emergency operations and troubleshooting – Technical data and performance data

Technical Manual

Content of a technical manual: – General description and safety advices, description of setup and function – Technical data and performance data – Removal and installation procedures, configuration and adjustment procedures – Procedures to perform error handling and troubleshooting

Maintenance Manual

Content of a maintenance manual: – General safety advices and instructions and procedures to establish system operating modes for maintenance purposes – Instructions and procedures for preventive maintenance, such as daily- weekly-, monthly and yearly checks – Recommended Maintenance Plan (RMP)

Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC)

Content of an IPC: – General description – Illustrations (exploded views) or photographs of LRU’s and their attaching parts in the environment of the system – Part lists with illustrations and photographs – Numeric index of part numbers – List of figures and vendor list

Wiring Diagram Manual

Content of a wiring diagram manual: – General description of the use of the wiring diagram manual – Wiring diagrams – Connection diagrams – Parts list

Vendor Manuals

Content of the vendor manuals: – Compilation of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Manuals – The Vendor Manuals are part of the user manuals, the maintenance manuals and the technical manuals