Maintenance Service


The AMST Maintenance service is divided into:



Maintenance Coordination

The maintenance coordination takes into account requirements of the customer support contract and the availability of the training equipment in order to minimize any disturbance of the planned training schedule.

Preventive Maintenance

The intervals, at which the necessary preventive maintenance tasks performed by the customer trained technical personnel or AMST, are listed within the recommended maintenance plan (RMP). In general, the AMST technician will visit the customer for the execution of preventive maintenance every six months.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance includes repair on the training system via a local representative or supported by AMST and/or a subcontractor in order to achieve the highest possible availability. Software corrective maintenance supported via the AMST remote management system from the AMST headquarters.

Product Status Analysis

Within this AMST’s ILS system the individual status and configuration of the training equipment at various customers is documented for further analysis, proposals or any kind of remedy actions.

Total Support

The customer has the possibility to choose within the AMST total support with a firm fixed price and guaranteed availability between the following eventualities: – Operator support, preventive and corrective maintenance, midlife upgrade – Documentation update, spare part provisioning and obsolescence programme – Remote management including hotline support