AMST is planning and providing the customer with all the basic facilities, services, and installations needed for the building and installed equipment


Detailed investigations are the key for a fully functional building

For a proper designed building, many detailed infrastructure investigations are required as:


Involvment of AMST specialists ensures high quality

AMST has an extensive knowledge and experience how to design a proper infrastructure.

The benefits for the customer are:


Soil Investigation

For equipment like the centrifuge or the DESDEMONA, it is essential to perform an extensive soil investigation. The report must contain static and dynamic behaviour of the soil in the area where the foundation is constructed. The soil parameters have a strong influence on the natural frequencies of the machine, foundation and the equipment itself.

Earthen System

Inclusive lightning and radiation protection. A detailed plan and specification for the earthen system and how it will be connected between the foundation and the centrifuge building must be available also drawings and a specification for the lightning protection, a plan and specification for radiation protection to avoid influence of radio radiation to the equipment installed inside the building.

Power Supply

A proper designed power supply for the equipment is required especially concerning the stiffness of the network and the local regulations for flicker and voltage drops. AMST is able to provide as an alternative a flywheel solution to be independent from a public power supply.