Our History

AMST can look back on a successful history of nearly 40 years.

Company History

  • 1982: The activities of AMST started as a department within the then state-owned Aluminium factory AMAG, having received its first orders for a Human Training Centrifuge and a Hypobaric Chamber (both products are still in operation and upgraded to the latest technology)
  • 1987: AUSTRIA METALL SYSTEMTECHNIK (AMST) was founded as an affiliate and was awarded a major contract for a research centrifuge.
  • 1996: AMST was privatised to AMST-Systemtechnik GmbH through a management buyout by its Managing Director Richard Schlüsselberger sen.
  • 1999: Further diversification of the product portfolio with solutions for Night Vision and Spatial Disorientation Training to become a main player in the aeromedical business.
  • 2001: Development of the company structure with a branch office in Germany.
  • 2006: Revolutionizing the market with the installation of the most modern flight training device in the market, the DESDEMONA.
  • 2009: Opening of a maintenance branch in Singapore to cover local customers as well as the Southeast Asian market.
  • 2010: The equity of Richard Schlüsselberger sen. has been transferred equally to his sons Richard jun. and Rainer.
  • 2016: Creation of new Business Unit AMST Aviation to enter the civil aviation market focusing on complete training solutions for fixed wing and rotary aircraft and specializing in the area of its unique Upset Prevention and Recovery Training carried out on DESDEMONA.
  • 2017: Creation of new Business Unit AMST Visual Systems with an AMST proprietary Image Generator VISIM serving all aviation simulator markets requiring out of the window views.
  • 2018: Opening of the company AMST Aviation B.V. in the Netherlands to satisfy market demands with a specialized team and new production area.
  • 2018: The company’s founder, Richard Schlüsselberger, resigned as CEO.
  • 2019: Completion of the AMST Flight Training Device Solution with the first EASA Level D qualification for a Level D Fullflight Simulator.
  • 2020: Further development of DESDEMONA to cover all mission training and development tasks in the field of aircraft simulation and beyond.