Flight Training Device for Pilatus PC-21 Trainer Aircraft

The PC-21 Flight Training Device (FTD) enables the student pilot to learn, develop and practise aircraft handling and system management skills. These skills are essential for understanding and operating today’s modern interactive navigation and avionics systems which contribute to successful mission effectiveness.


Successful mission effectiveness for


Cockpit and Controls

The cockpit has three large colour Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD), simulated HUD with HUD projector, original HOTAS and original aircraft front section. Electrical three-axis control loading system for aileron, elevator and rudder and for secondary controls such as gear and flap levers.

Visual System and Sound System

Mini Dome SEER 5/8 (BARCO) with a Field of View (FOV) up to 240° x 180° and large area high/medium detailed visual database. Advanced stereo sound system, high realistic turboprop sound, and environmental sound effects like thunder, rain, hail and crash effects.

Instructor Operator Station – IOS

The IOS has crew coordination capability to operate mission computer in instructor mode on 30” mimic panel display. Advanced record/replay facility including face camera. Linked mode of two FTD for formation flight and front/rear cockpit configuration.