Material Management


The goal of the material management is to provide an unbroken chain of components for production of the training equipment and the support phase, taking into account standardisation of components, minimum of wear-and-tear, environmental usability (high altitude or G-force) and long availability at the market.

This assessment leads to the following result:


Spare Part Management

The recommended spare part list (RSPL) is providing an overview of quantity of spares. AMST tries to use the same type of products as far as it is possible for the whole system to reduce the amount of different parts and spare parts.

Obsolete Parts Programme

Within this programme considered as a recurring service, AMST is determining which components become obsolete and cannot be supported anymore. AMST is providing the customer within a defined period with a list of obsolete parts and a proposal how to overcome this situation.

Midlife Upgrade

AMST offers to perform a midlife upgrade after 15 years of use of the training equipment with the following result: – Replacement of wear-and-tear parts – Replacement of software with respective hardware – System upgrade to the latest configuration