Night Vision Training System

NIGHTFOX Night Vision Training System – the greatest single investment in flight safety for night operations


Night operations using night vision devices involve a greater level of risk to the overall safety of the flying mission.

Whilst the use of Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) has allowed aircraft to expand their operations at night, they have some significant limitations to be managed. NVGs do not allow aircrew to fly at night with impunity – and do not “turn night into day”.

Failure to appreciate the limitations and potential illusions involved with the use of NVGs can be fatal. The key to minimising these significant risks is a structured programme of Night Vision Training for aircrew to:


The NIGHTFOX NVTS is a complete system that introduces students to the hazards of NVG operations. This state-of-art lecture facility meets all the pre-requisites for ground training prior to actual NVG flight.

Training remains a very important part of mission qualification. Too often with ever increasing pressures on budgets training becomes less attractive as procurement of military equipment assumes a greater importance than “equipment for training” the NVTS provides a cost effective solution that provides a structured training approach for this very important operational capability which is equally valid for both military and civil operations.


NVGs do not allow aircrew to fly at night with impunity – and do not “turn night into day”. Learn handling and limitations of night vision goggles.


Instructor Operator Station – IOS

The IOS includes the computer system for the complete NV training and the handling of the projection system, the audio system, the lighting system of the room, the light bar, the screen and the control station. It consists of audio amplifier, multimedia PC, TFT monitor, desk microphone and lamp, lighting control switches and software control for the projector.

Projection System

The video projector is located below the ceiling in a distance of approximately 5 m from the screens. Wall projection screen is in front of the students’ seats with a black reflective cover. A white screen reeled out over the black screen. The projector is a high-resolution projector with an integrated infrared channel.

Optometric Eye Charts

Optometric charts installed in the training room, in order to be able to adjust the NVGs from a distance of 6 m (20 ft.) for training. The NVG test lane comprising standard NVG resolution charts, standard Snellen visual acuity eye chart for resolution discrimination and a colour bar chart for demonstration of specific NV contrast effects.

Lighting System

Room lighting is adjustable and includes white LED ceiling lights, and red LED ceiling lights controlled by the instructor via the multimedia PC. A light bar located above the screens, with adjustable steady and coloured lights have two flash lights, two white lights, one red, one green light and one blue light with intensity and lighting duration control.

Terrain Model Board

The standard size of the board is 2 m x 3 m x 0.80 m and used for the demonstration of the different visual scenarios and includes: The lighting of the Terrain Model Board which is realistic and adjustable by the instructor to different lighting intensity Shadows and variable moon light and Star light conditions.

Terrain Model Board Features

Mountainous area, a river with one bridge, red-flashing lights, a deep lake, and a low depth lake. A flat terrain area, an agricultural area and a hilly area all of them partly covered with woodland. Highway and roads; sea area with coastline, harbour entrance, one village with buildings of different height and illuminated silhouette.



The starlight system consists of an array of 3/4 star groups/clusters with differing orders of magnitude. This includes the major stars in the Northern Hemisphere. This gives the most realistic lighting, gives the operator the ability to control the environmental lighting conditions across the lower ranges of NVG sensitivity, and demonstrates reduction in contrast due to low light levels.

Remote Controlled Terrain Model Board

This system allows the instructor to control the Terrain Model Board via the multimedia PC connected with the Terrain Model Board by a data interface. For operation, the instructor is using a special designed Graphic User Interface and can adjust all electrical components (lamps, motors), to save, change and delete the settings.

Training Room Specification

The room properly arranged and finished in cooperation between customer and AMST according to the specification. It includes the ventilation and air condition systems, power supply, a suspended ceiling, sealing of doors and windows, painting of surfaces with non-reflective matt black colour, covering of the floor and the student seats.


NIGHTFOX NVTS – Singapore 2009

NIGHTFOX NVTS – Libya 2008

NIGHTFOX NVTS – Czechia 2007

NIGHTFOX NVTS – The Netherlands 2006

NIGHTFOX NVTS – Germany 2006

NIGHTFOX NVTS – Spain 2005