Architectural Design

AMST focuses on the components and elements of the building structure and unifies them into a coherent and functional whole under the given constraints and limitations


Ultimate focus on ecology – economy – environment – autonomy

The understanding of AMST is that each customer requires a properly designed building to house the specific equipment delivered. Talking about a turnkey solution, AMST takes over the lead for the design, engineering, construction or/and construction supervision for this building.


All building contracts are divided into different tasks like infrastructure, building design, building engineering, construction and construction supervision. These tasks are than performed by different companies or public organisations like for the power supply and many interfaces have to be handled by the customer. The outcome of such procedures are sometimes endless discussions, delays in finalising the building works and finally the installation and acceptance of the whole facility.

Benefits of a turn-key solution are:


Architectural Design

The architectural design is the key element for each building. It must consider the functionality of the whole complex, the access for installation, the proper foundations and the whole infrastructure for the building services. High quality materials ensure low maintenance and repair costs throughout the lifetime of at least 50 years.

Foundation Design

The design of the foundation is the most important task for the building design to avoid transition of vibrations to the building. The natural frequency of the foundation must be different to the lowest natural frequency of the machine. The seller must supply the foundation design, the reinforcement plans and the engineering drawings.