The Revolution in Simulation

Going beyond the capabilities of current Level D FFS is possible nowadays. The solution has already been proven for UPRT in the civil commercial airline world. DESDEMONA combines all advantages of Full Flight Simulators with unlimited attitude control, and realistic motion and G-cueing.


The airline industry is undergoing substantial change. UPRT is a major part of pilot training, which requires realistic and innovative training tools.

The pilot training industry is undergoing substantial changes and therefore is requesting new technologies.


Training beyond expectations

The one-of-its-kind DESDEMONA is a combination of a human centrifuge with an unlimited 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) flight simulator. The potential training spectrum of this device starts at regular airline pilot training for extreme situations, but also allows highly beneficial military pilot training. It may also serve as an astronauts training platform, as an engineering simulator platform, as a research tool or even as an entertainment/education simulator.


DESDEMONA pushes the limits of motion simulation to the next level not seen anywhere else in the world.

DESDEMONA rounds out your simulator fleet and allows in-house training of all required training tasks – also those specifically mandating FFS.


Upset Prevention and Recovery Training on DESDEMONA


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A symphony of well-proven technologies

Gondola System

The gondola system consists of a roll system, the pitch system and the inner yaw system with the cabin. The roll system, the pitch and the inner yaw system have maintenance free torque motors and can rotate continuously. To ensure the unlimited rotation each system is equipped with slip rings and rotary joints.


The cabin contains of a functional aircraft cockpit mock-up including visual hardware, flight controls and instrumentation, an adjustable pilot seat, as well as audio/video/intercom equipment, sound system and computer hardware.

Visual System

The visual system (OTW) is a five-projector solution and represents a Field of View of minimum 180° by 45°.

Image Generation for OTW

The Out of the Window (OTW) view, technically spoken the image generator (IG), is a brand new development allowing the highest level of details and effects. The realism of the IG gives the pilot the impression, like flying in the real aircraft rather than in a simulator. Even effects like clouds, reflections on water and snowfall and rain are extremely realistic.

Optimal Motion Cueing (OMC)

State-of-the-art Simulators use onset-cueing with washout technology – a technology from the early 80’s. AMST developed OMC over the past four years and this cueing algorithm allows to produce the most realistic motion experience within the limitation of the specific motion system.

Aircraft Types

There is no limitation regarding the aircraft type simulated by DESDEMONA. For class-representative upset prevention and recovery training, a type-representative flight model with the characteristics of a type of aircraft such as Boeing B737 and Airbus A320 is used.


Elevate your training beyond current expectations

Interface DESDEMONA with Your Devices
AMST may provide a dedicated interface protocol allowing proper interfacing to other training devices.

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