Full Flight Simulator

Consider an innovative solution supported by more than thirty years of experience in high reliability Simulator manufacturing, enhanced capability pilot training and advanced technologies.

Industry Needs

The aviation industry is looking for cost-efficient and effective ways to select, train and maintain quality pilots. These pilots are tasked to bring their passengers home safely, every time, at any time, in all types of flying environments.

Complete and thorough pilot training is key to ensure that pilots can operate aircraft proficiently. They must demonstrate the capability to recover from any upset condition that occurs, improving aircraft and passenger safety and building confidence into the system.


AMST-Aviation‘s AIRFOX Full Flight Simulator (FFS) incorporates more than 30 years of the engineering and manufacturing experience combined with the advanced technologies of our parent company, AMST-Systemtechnik GmbH. This enables us to produce a highly reliable Full Flight Level D simulator that exceeds the standard of current industry devices.

Our other supporting devices and systems, such as our purpose-built DESDEMONA and AIRFOX UPRT simulators, combined with our associated training curriculum can also be utilised to train the trainer (flight instructors). By exposing them to extreme conditions such as spatial disorientation and upset conditions, this improves the quality of training, building confidence into the pilot and ultimately, into your airline or operation.

Enable us to build confidence into your operation by choosing to partner with AMST. Allow us to demonstrate exactly what supporting a product means. We build quality, we build capability, we build confidence.



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