Fixed Base Flight Simulator

AIRFOX UPRT is your cost-effective high-standard training solution


The comprehensive flight simulator family

Fixed Base

A full-replica flight deck, realistic aircraft dynamics and system behaviour together with a brilliant out-of-the-window view provides high-standard non-motion flight simulation. The fixed-base cabin is already designed to be ready for an upgrade to a motion-based simulator.

Motion Based

Putting the realistic fix-based simulator on top of an electrical hexapod system elevates the flight experience to the next level. Realistic motion cueing is the key to effective and sustainable flight crew training.

Advanced Motion Based

By adding an unlimited turntable beneath the hexapod configuration, the simulator is capable of all different spatial disorientation phenomena. This contributes to your pilots being the safest pilots possible.


We all like to train our pilots to the highest standards with maximum cost-efficiency

The pilot training industry is undergoing substantial changes and therefore is requesting new technologies.


AIRFOX UPRT provides unique training capabilities for ab-initio and recurrent training. Upset prevention and recovery techniques can also be effectively trained.

The validated out-of-the-envelope aircraft characteristics combined with an outstanding out-of-the-window view forms the heartbeat of such training.


AIRFOX UPRT family provides a flexible and cost-efficient solution over the training curriculum

Thus, the AIRFOX UPRT – FTD is a very cost-effective solution for valuable pilot ab-initio and recurrent training. A wide range of training applications can be performed on AIRFOX UPRT – FTD:
The AIRFOX UPRT – FTD has many advantages:


Visual System

A 9ft cross-cockpit collimated optical system in combination with a three high-resolution projectors provides a wide-angle field-of-view (FOW) and meets highest FSTD standards. The cross-cockpit technology allows an out-of-the-window (OTW) view for both pilots without any parallax like in real aircraft.

Image Generation for OTW

The Out of the Window (OTW) view, technically spoken the image generator (IG), is a brand new development allowing the highest level of details and effects. The realism of the IG gives the pilot the impression, like flying in the real aircraft rather than in a simulator. Even effects like clouds, reflections on water and snowfall and rain are extremely realistic.

Cabin and Flight Deck

Two pilots, one instructor and one observer may sit in the lightproof cabin at their comfortable and adjustable seats. The cockpit is a full replica of the simulated aircraft with all control elements and instruments realistically simulated as in aircraft.

Control Loading System

All primary controls are active control loaded using a force-feedback system, which fulfils the highest requirements for FSTD. The control reaction forces are calculated within the flight model and those are precisely replicated by the control loading system (CLS).

Instructor Operating Station (IOS)

The instructor may operate the FSTD from the instructor place inside the cabin or for special demonstrations, like training of spatial disorientation effects, from any remote place. The in ICAO Doc. 9625 requested additional information, like V-G diagram, would be available for the instructor.

Sound System and Intercommunication

A very sophisticated sound system provides the pilot the proper audible cues like in real aircraft also including simulated ATC. Intercommunication between the pilots and with the instructor or observer is available as in real aircraft.


Elevate the capabilities of your Simulator

Simulated Air Traffic Control Environment (SATCE)
SATCE can be fully integrated in your simulator. This system allows operating within a realistic ATC environment, which is controlled by artificial intelligence giving the pilot correct orders and requests and reacting interactively.
Upgrade to Motion
AIRFOX UPRT – FTD can be easily upgraded by adding the motion system as well as the OMC. Realistic motion experience is an essential element for pilot training, as pilots tend to rely on all of their senses.

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