The Revolution in Simulation

The investment in the most modern flight training equipment is one of the most important decisions you can make to protect aircrew and aircraft. DESDEMONA is the world’s only civil & military versatile, sustained G motion platform with six degrees of freedom and with unlimited performance in yaw, pitch and roll. Powerful mission simulation and advanced flight training.


Extended simulation in the civil and military aviation becomes a more and more important role.

Modern agile fighter aircraft and attack helicopters operate in an extremely dynamic motion environment.


DESDEMONA’s range of potential simulation and its inherent versatility makes it a truly revolutionary device. It is a complete solution to the requirement of producing a total motion environment for military-, civil-, research- and training applications.

DESDEMONA can be used for a variety of roles including:


DESDEMONA pushes the limits of motion simulation to the next level not seen anywhere else in the world currently.



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The original is always better than the copy

Main Rotation System

Main drive system consists of eight electrical AC motors acting on a central shaft connected to the main arm. This modular system ensures that in case of a failure in one of the motors, operation continue with less performance, whilst the defective motor quick released from the shaft. The main arm optimised in weight and has a high stiffness.

Linear Drive

The linear drive system is a proven system coming from the chairlift technology and consists of 5 AC motors acting on a central wheel. The ropes connected to a sledge that can travel along the arm for a distance of total eight meters and carries the heave system.

Heave System

Electro pneumatic cylinders drive the heave system. It can move the gondola system for a distance of two meters.

Gondola System

The gondola system consists of a roll system, the pitch system and the inner yaw system with the cabin. The roll system, the pitch and the inner yaw system have maintenance free torque motors and can rotate continuously. To ensure the unlimited rotation each system is equipped with slip rings and rotary joints.


The cabin contains of a functional aircraft cockpit mock-up including visual hardware, flight controls and instrumentation, an adjustable pilot seat, as well as audio/video/intercom equipment, sound system and computer hardware. The visual system (OTW) represents a Field of View of minimum 120° by 50°.

Control Room Facilities

Engineering/operator station with sophisticated, easy-to-use Graphic User Interface (GUI) and hardware features for operation and control, monitoring and technical diagnostics. The profile editor for pre-programmed training profiles and envelope settings in closed-loop mode, safety and emergency stop functions, video and intercom systems.


DESDEMONA – The Netherlands 2006

After years of development DESDEMONA was installed in a new building located within the TNO compound. The original idea for this development was based on a combination of existing simulators at TNO for their space programme. It is in operation since 2008 and now operated by DESDEMONA BV.