Assembly, Startup and Training

Each equipment is pre-installed at AMST’s facility where the full integration of the sub-systems including software takes place





Assembly is divided into two phases, pre-assembly at AMST facilities and assembly on-site. Pre-assembly at AMST shows whether all parts and components fit together, and we perform functional tests together with the customer during factory acceptance test (FAT). Only when the FAT is passed the equipment will be disassembled and shipped to the customer’s site.


The AMST product and especially sensitive equipment is carefully packed. The package is equipped with shock sensors and sensors for temperature and humidity to identify the reason for any damage during transportation and to assure a safe transportation. AMST is caring out these tasks with specialised companies that have detailed knowledge in the fields of packaging.


We ship the equipment from our factory to the contractor’s designated site location. We prepare the equipment for delivery in accordance with standard practices for transportation and logistics, marked in accordance with the requirements as stipulated contractually.


Within this phase, all subsystems are installed onsite and assembled. The AMST start-up tests comprises the subsystems and whole system including final adjustment of sensor systems and tests concerning all safety aspects to ensure a safe operation of the delivered AMST equipment including all safety features installed in the building to ensure a safe operation.


It is part of AMST’s policy to ensure that the customer can correctly operate and maintain the systems and can make full use of all its potential. The AMST training comprises: – Instructor training – Operator and administrator training – Maintenance training