Test and Measurement

As a supplier of special equipment it is essential to have specific test equipment to simulate the environmental conditions like high altitudes, rapid and explosive decompression, high G and high G-onset as well as different temperatures


Most components and equipment installed on the simulators are standard COTS components and not designed for accelerations, heat, dust, vibrations or high altitudes

According to the international standards, the equipment has to be tested under consideration of specific safety factors for all technical parameters specified for the original equipment.



AMST has designed and manufactured its own test equipment such as:

Material Testing Centrifuge

Technical parameters and features:
– Maximum load: 10,000 Gkg
– Maximum onset rate: 7 g/s
– Maximum G: 200
Supplies installed:
– Pressurised air, Hydraulic and Power supply 400V/230V/24 V
– Signal transmission system via sliprings to the control station with measurement and recording.

Hypobaric Test Chamber

Technical parameters and features:
– Max height: 300,000 ft
– Min ascent/descent rate: 1,000 ft/min
– Max ascent/descent rate: 45,000 ft/min
– Max/min temperature: +50/-100 °C
– Explosive decompression from 8,000 ft to 24,000 ft in 0,1 s
– Signal transmission system with measurement and recording facilities.

Measurement System

Measurement system for strain gauges up to 84 channels for static and dynamic stress and strain measurement and for material testing. 64 channel measurement system for a wide range of technical parameters such as acceleration, vibration, unbalance, etc. Extensive recording and reporting system for any kind of tests required for acceptance of our simulators.

Verification Programme

The verification programme provides an outline of the overall testing concept. It describes how the tests will be classified and how the test executions will be organized within the project schedule. (In-house tests, Factory Acceptance Test, Site Acceptance Test, Final Acceptance Test).

Safety and QA Tests

For safety and Quality Assurance (QA) tests, AMST gives an order to an independent certified organisation. This guarantees that the equipment is safe and the design and manufacturing process fulfils the standards as specified. This results in the CE-conformity certificate of the European Union.