VISIM Image Generator

VIVID Simulation

In today’s aircrew training devices, the out-the-window view and especially the image generator become more and more important as a unique selling proposition.


Flight training device manufacturers face different challenges when choosing an image generator solution for their devices.


The Image Generator must be flexible to support various types of training. From rotary wing to fixed wing, night vision and disorientation training devices: the IG must offer a full set of effects that fulfill the different requirements for each device.


The use of state-of-the-art technology and a high level of innovation in product development must be driving factors for the Image Generator to deliver innovative and engaging training.


The Image Generator must support rapid creation and adaptation of highly detailed sceneries. This enables the training device manufacturer to react quickly to changing end-customer demands.

VISIM Image Generator

VISIM is an out-of-the-box Image Generator solution for flight training device manufacturers.

VISIM meets all requirements for the visual systems of level D (Type VII) flight simulators, according to the EASA CS-FSTD (A), (H), ICAO 9625 v.1, v.2, FAA‑14 CFR Part 60. It can be used for training of helicopter and airplane pilots in highly realistic environments.

The sophisticated Physically Based Rendering (PBR) ensures physically correct shading, light scattering and reflection of light on all objects in the scenery.

The system comes with a large library of special effects that are essential for fixed and rotary wing training devices.

VISIM supports the latest computer graphics technology based on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. The hardware independence ensures high reliability and availability of the system. This makes VISIM the top choice for the implementation of the out-the-window environments for flight simulation training devices.

Wet Runway Condition
Realistic rendering of a wet runway with light reflections on the surface
Highly Detailed Airports
High-fidelity airport models and sceneries ensure a highly realistic OTW visualisation
City Sceneries with High Object Count
VISIM can render highly detailed sceneries with a constant framerate of 60Hz
Effects for Helicopter Training
Rotor downwash from a hovering helicopter
Advanced 3D Cloud System
Rendering of various cloud types and multiple cloud layers is supported
Bad Weather Conditions with Lightning Strikes
A lightning strike iluminates the environment realistically

Visual Database

VISIM offers a worldwide database with integrated highly detailed airports as well as automatically placed generic airports. The highly detailed airports are modelled according to AIP and ICAO standards.

Depending on the distance to the simulated airport, the surrounding landscape is rendered with various levels of detail, corresponding to the certification requirements of international standards. Buildings and structures, power lines, roads, vegetation as well as lakes and rivers are part of such high level areas.

Worldwide WGS84 Visual Database
VISIM can render a detailed and highly realistic representation of the whole earth based on DEM data and satelite imagery.
Sceneries with High Object Count
The capability of VISIM to render large amounts of objects with high and constant framerates allows the 3D modeller to be as detailed as possible.
Highly Detailed Airports
VISIM offers highly detailed airport models and surroundings.
Night Sceneries
Night sceneries can show thousands of objects and lights.
Winter Sceneries
VISIM supports sceneries with different seasons. The image shows an airport during winter.
Summer Sceneries
The same airport as in the winter scenery during summer. VISIM supports sceneries with different seasons.

Physically Based Rendering

VISIM renders the scenery in a highly realistic way. The shading of the scenery and the atmospheric model are based on the physics of light, resulting in physically correct shading, light scattering and reflection of light on all objects in the scenery.

VISIM does not distinguish between artificial or natural and fixed or moving light sources. All light sources are treated the same way. The system supports the rendering of thousands of light sources at the same time at high framerates.

Atmosphere and Weather Conditions
The physically correct interaction between light and objects is important for realistic rendering of sceneries with low visibility range.
Light Sources
The interaction between huge amounts of light sources generates a realistic shading of objects. In combination with a low visibility range, the light is correctly scattered by fog and haze particles.
Water Surfaces and Reflections
The correct reflection of light on different materials is a result of physically based rendering. The amount of reflected light changes dramatically when the surface gets wet.
Rendering of Water Surfaces
Light is correctly reflected by water in sceneries.

Night Vision Mode

VISIM can change the physically based rendering parameters depending on the usage scenario. This allows for a completely different shading of the scenery as configured by the customer.

In combination with IR capable projectors, the night vision mode enables our customers to enhance their training device portfolio with sensor vision capability.

Scenery Seen Through NVGs
Helicopter landing on a ship seen through night vision goggles.
Night Scenery
Same scenery of helicopter landing on a ship at night.
Day Scenery
Same scenery of helicopter landing on a ship during the day.
Scenery Seen Through NVGs
City scenery seen through night vision goggles.
Night Scenery
Same city scenery at night.
Day Scenery
Same city scenery during the day.