FTD Alpha Jet

Flight Training Device for Alpha Jet Trainer Aircraft

The Alpha-Jet Flight Training Device (FTD) and Procedure Training Device (PTD) serves to develop and practise aircraft handling skills and get to perfection in flight


The Alpha-Jet FTD is a fixed based flight simulator that reflects a typical aircraft configuration and can be used to download some of the training tasks from the Full Mission Simulator (FMS) or the real aircraft


Has significant cost saving benefits

Enables the student pilot to learn, develop and practise aircraft handling and system management skills, essential for understanding and operating today’s modern interactive navigation and avionics systems, which contribute to successful mission effectiveness.

Simulates normal, abnormal and emergency conditions for ground operation, take off, in-flight manoeuvres, radio navigation, instrument approaches and landings.

Due to highly sophisticated equipment and functionality of the FTD, the following training tasks and courses are possible:



The cockpit consists of an original aircraft TOTEM 3000 INS/GPS navigation system, has an original aircraft HUD, original HOTAS, original aircraft front section and instructor controlled CB ‘pop-out’ activation.

Visual System

The simulator has a partially enclosed flight deck with 135° x 30° FOV 3-channel collimator display. The OTW has a large area high/medium detailed visual database with special effects like realistic barrier net activation and target aircraft generation.

Flight Controls

Flight controls have electrical two-axis control loading system for aileron, elevator and HOTAS.

Sound and Intercom System

Advanced stereo sound system has realistic jet sound including abnormal engine states. Environmental sound effects like thunder, rain, hail and crash effects.

Instructor Operator Station – IOS

The IOS provides crew coordination capability to operate TOTEM 3000 in instructor mode and has advanced record/replay facility including a separate advanced debriefing station.

Graphical User Interface – GUI

Look and feel is ‘Windows’ like and intuitive. The GUI monitors the actual state of the system, informs the user about errors and warnings, and includes the trainee and operator management.


Belgium – France 2005

The device was built for a NATO military flight school (French-Belgian Advanced Jet Training School (AJeTS) the 11th Belgian squadron moved to Cazaux, France, for phase III training). It had special requirement like integration of the original TOTEM 3000 navigation system, HUD and HOTAS. This FTD is in service since 2005.