Helicopter Rescue Hoist Trainer

Indoor helicopter rescue training. Worldwide unique simulation centre for the mountain- and air rescue teams.


The Rescue Hoist Training System is the greatest single investment for helicopter rescue operations performed under difficult conditions.

Using helicopters with integrated hoisting systems will get a large growing business within the next years.

There are a lot of missions which have to be daily solved by aircrew from:


Learn handling and limitations for helicopter rescue operations

Offers specific training and procedures for:



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Rotor Downwash Fans

Large scale fans installed on both sides of the helicopter simulate the downwash effect caused by the rotor blades. The fans can be operated independently with on/off and fan speed control as necessary for the particular training situation.

Helicopter Winch

The installed industrial grade winch system is designed for man-rated training as well as a large number of load cycles. Arrangements with a slewable beam or a versatile X-Y positioning system are available.

Helicopter Cabin

The helicopter cabin can be either an original cabin or a generic cabin, simulating different types of helicopters.


The dimensions for a purpose built building require a length of 50 meters, 20 meters width and a height of minimum 20 meters.

Inside Features

Helicopter or mock-up structure which can be controlled from the floor level or from the cockpit, sound simulation, strobe lights for optical effects (turning rotor blades), video supervision of the hoisting area, communication system and training equipment like harnesses, rope systems, helmets and rescue litters.

Cable Car Evacuation

Different equipment such as chair lifts and cable cars can be installed for training of rescue operations, maintenance and repair activities. Houses are available for the training of rescue operations from roofs or balconies, and a slope with adjustable inclination for the training of rescue operations in mountain areas.


Training Centre Bad Toelz – Germany

The training centre was established by the German Mountain Rescue Organisation end of 2010. Since this date more than twelf thousand rescue staff have been trained at this facility. Since end of 2013 AMST has a cooperation agreement with the Bavarian mountain rescue organisation and is engaged in further development.