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2014-12 DESDEMONA UPRT article in CAT Journal

2014-12 DESDEMONA UPRT article in CAT Journal

DESDEMONA - Research and Innovation Do Pay Off

Postholder, trainings director and fleet chief pilots of a VVIP flight operator based in the Gulf assessed the UPRT (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training) course on Desdemona. The syllabus is based on the scientific outcome of the EC-funded multi-national research project SUPRA (Simulation of Upset Recovery in Aviation) and is designed to match the standards for instructor qualification, which are recommended by ICAO 10011 and which will be mandated by FAA and EASA. Chris Long from Halldale took the opportunity to witness the interactive training elements, including SD (Spatial Disorientation) demos and UPRT, as well as the supplemental class room lectures. Subsequently Chris interviewed all participants and received the direct feedback from the expert captains. All trainees concordantly rated the training to be very effective.

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