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Normobaric Hypoxia Upgrades

Using normobaric hypoxia in spatial disorientation demonstrations enhances the training significantly. You can demonstrate the increased likelihood for SD in conditions of hypoxia and show that even mild hypoxia is a threat in combination with other factors.

The ROBD is a device that generates breathing air with lowered oxygen concentration at normobaric pressure. In this condition, the pilot experiences hypoxia effects as in the real aircraft in specific flight situations. If you want to simulate altitude in a flight simulator, a normobaric hypoxia system such as the ROBD is the feasible solution. Due to its small footprint, we can integrate the ROBD into flight simulators such as the AIRFOX ASD or AIRFOX DISO.

Together with the normobaric hypoxia installation, our customers chose to upgrade their systems with an interchangeable two-seat cockpit, an improved visual system and a new GUI. This shows that today’s training requirements go far beyond simple SD demonstrations and that AMST has answers for these changes. Our solutions allow you to put emphasis on additional factors such as CRM, NVG or highly realistic scenarios with other dynamic objects in the scenery.

We are excited to make next level training available to our customers and thank them for their trust in us.