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Normobaric Hypoxia Acceptance

AMST successfully handed over two Reduced Oxygen Breathing Devices (ROBDs) for normobaric hypoxia training to two of its AIRFOX customers. The devices are part of upgrades to existing AIRFOX ASD and AIRFOX DISO systems.

Fully integrated into the AIRFOX systems, the mask-based ROBD provides realistic hypoxia effects to the pilot. Hypoxia training can be combined with all available effects such as Coriolis, Graveyards spin, etc.

The pilot can always activate 100% oxygen if he recognizes hypoxia. A physician observes vital signals such as SpO2, pulse rate and can activate the oxygen dump from the control station to prevent unconsciousness at high altitude.

For realistic training, the oxygen concentration in the pilot mask is generated according to the current altitude of the aircraft during a flight. Additionally, the operator can adjust the altitude by a scale factor, a limit or he can set an altitude independent from the flight simulation altitude. This gives maximum flexibility for various training goals.

As an extension of preceding hypoxia training inside a hypobaric chamber, the ROBD allows pilots to do hypoxia training during flight simulation with spatial disorientation effects.