About AMST-Systemtechnik

AMST has a discerning clientele who share the conviction that second best is not good enough. That is why those who seek to enhance their operational capabilities choose AMST's superior, proven technology.

  • The complexity of modern military and civil aircraft demands a significant investment in pilot training. Preparation of courses and the procurement of specialist training equipment are vital factors in ensuring the complete operational performance and safety of an aircraft and its flight crew. AMST has developed a specialist range of products capable of simulating the experience of high altitudes, spatial disorientation and G-forces.
  • We always have been and will be a fair and reliable partner, trying to understand your needs, responding with flexibility, deliver on time with full performance and quality.
  • We understand that safety, quality, highest operational availability and an excellent support of the training equipment are the most important factors to provide the best training available.
  • The evolution of AMST`s technology never stops. We invest a significant percentage of our annual revenue in research and development.Since we are private company, we have consistently pioneered new thresholds in training, highly sophisticated control systems and modern design.


AMST is a think tank, in other words a centre of excellence dedicated to research, innovation, design and manufacturing of equipment in the very specialised areas of aeromedicine and aircrew training.

  • The complex field of technology combines different disciplines to a complete solution. Knowing each level and detail, we are able to provide the optimal solution.
  • At the beginning, there is always an idea that may be simple or complex, but any solution needs the involvement of people in their particular speciality, based on the result of years of experience, research, and technological innovation.
  • To be anxious to be optimal responsive to meet the market needs and to react much quicker on new developments and requirements we have established small and highly specialised units within the company.

  • We do not run a series production line because we recognise that each of our customers has different needs and expectations as technology is moving on.
  • We need to retain the flexibility to accommodate this. That is, as it ever was, the highly qualified and dedicated AMST team to ensure that your equipment when delivered represents the very latest state of the art available in the world.
  • We make no compromise on quality and safety resulting in equipment which is in operation since more than twenty years with an availability of more than 95 %.

Quality & Environmental Policy

Besides safety, quality and sustainability have the highest priority for us. The quality system of AMST meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The environmental management system meets the requirements of ISO 14001:2015.

The AMST quality and environmental management system covers all activities: from sales, engineering and manufacturing to after sales support, including maintenance and upgrades. We deliver only top-quality products, provide our customers with the expected level of support and protect the environment.

The executive management and all employees are committed to our Quality and Environmental Policy that sets the standards for all organisational, technical and commercial activities:

  • Fairness & Reliability: We are open towards our customers and suppliers and treat them fairly. Our customers and suppliers can rely on us because we want to collaborate with them in the long term. We encourage relationships to suppliers in geographical proximity to avoid transport over long distances. Furthermore, we are gradually striving for preferred partnerships with environmentally sustainable suppliers.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We want to inspire our customers because an enthusiastic customer is the best form of advertising.
  • Market Leadership: We pay attention to the high quality and longevity of our products because we want to be and remain global market leader and role model.
  • Marketing & Profitability: We market our products and services in a profit-orientated way and support new and existing customers in their purchase decision. We focus on the balance between sustainability and profit-oriented corporate management.
  • Quality in Work: Our employees regard each other as customers and suppliers. Our employees aspire to a level of quality in their own work that is as high as the quality they would expect as a customer.
  • State-of-the-Art: is our aspiration. We take care that our products are developed, designed, manufactured and maintained in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Our products distinguish themselves by their longevity. That is why we focus on purchased parts with long lifecycles and a secure supply of spare parts when selecting various components during development.
  • Resources: We commit ourselves to working in a way that conserves resources. The economical use of raw materials and resources as well as the avoidance of waste or its return into the material cycle are a matter of course for us.
  • Safety: When we develop, design, manufacture, document and maintain a product, we take care that the product is as safe as possible for the users and the environment.

Quality & Environmental Policy

  • Professional Development: We train our employees, so that they have the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the expectations of our customers and all interested parties.
  • Teamwork: Our employees work together on implementing the quality and environmental standards. They continuously improve the quality and sustainability of our products and services, and the quality and environmental management system.
  • Cooperation: Our management lives our quality and environmental policy and is a role model for all employees. The management leads cooperatively and supports the employees in implementing our quality and environmental policy.
  • Legal Compliance: We comply to all legal and other binding obligations and regularly evaluate whether the information is up to date and whether the resulting requirements are met.
  • Continuous Improvement: Promoting the continuous improvement of performance, and also environmental performance, is of central importance in our quality and environmental management system. In order to improve the quality and environmental management system, AMST is committed not only to processing, monitoring and eliminating non-conformities, but also to continuously improving the suitability, appropriateness and effectiveness of its quality and environmental management system in order to optimize performance and environmental performance

Company History

The roots of AMST planted in 1943 in the strong soil of the state owned group Austria Metall AG (AMAG) at Ranshofen, Austria, the largest aluminium production company with around 7500 employees, branching out into engineering and aerospace in 1978.

  • The company was founded by the German company ‘Vereinigte Aluminium Werke’ – VAW in 1943.
  • From 1945 to 1955, company was named ‘Vereinigte Aluminium Werke Ranshofen–Berndorf’.
  • In 1955, the company was integrated into the state owned Austrian Industry.
  • In 1986, the company was renamed to ‘Austria Metall AG’ - AMAG.
  • In 1987, AUSTRIA METALL SYSTEMTECHNIK (AMST) was founded as an affiliate and has awarded the largest contract for a research centrifuge.
  • In 1996, AMST was privatised to AMST-Systemtechnik GmbH by a MBO by its Managing Director Richard Schlüsselberger sen.
  • In 2010, the equity of Richard Schlüsselberger sen. has been transferred equally to his sons Richard jun. and Rainer.

Company History

Research and Development

Research, development and constant improvment of our products and services are the key factor for our success

Since AMST became a private company (1996), the company has developed a wide range of products in the field of aero-medical training equipment, civil applications, sports training facilities and engineering specialities spending an average annual investment of about eight % of its annual revenue in research and development.


Our developments are based on a close co-operation with our customers, considering their experience and results in products and services corresponding to their needs.


Key benefits of AMST development are:

  • Safety: for all products, we make a safety case study to ensure the highest possible safety standards for the machine, the user and the trainees.

  • Reliability and Availability: we fully understand that training on any equipment must be reliable to guarantee that a training session not interrupted by system or equipment failures and to create confidence in the equipment and its user. Therefore, we use only high quality components to provide the highest possible availability. We can prove to have achieved availability factors greater than 95 % for our equipment for the whole lifetime of more than twenty years. 
  • Maintainability and Integrated Logistic Support (ILS): high maintenance costs, costs for repair and spare parts have been an excellent business for many companies but we are confident that this procedure belongs to the past. We are proud to have low maintenance costs, a minimum consumption of spare parts and to support our customers in the shortest possible time.
  • Product design: we pay our attention on the product design; focused on functionality but also on the appearance of the product.