Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

In the past aviation safety has been significantly improved mainly by raising the level of automation and introducing new safety systems into the flight deck. Nevertheless, sometimes despite these achievements pilots still find themselves in unusual flight conditions due to multiple causes. Proper training will help them better recognizing precursors leading to such situations and effectively prevent any upset situation, or safely recover the aircraft even if avoidance was unsuccessful.


Training for the unexpected becomes a more and more important role

Modern civil transport aircraft are highly automated and offer a number of useful safety systems. Many primary causes have been mitigated by adding dedicated systems to the flight deck, but Loss of Control in Flight (LOC-I) is still a major threat.


DESDEMONA’s wide range of potential simulation scenarios and its inherent versatility make it a truly revolutionary device

DESDEMONA is a single source solution for commercial and military simulation. DESDEMONA can operate with up to ± 3 G while having unlimited attitude control of the cabin.

As a member of the consortium of the very successful EC-funded research project SUPRA (www.supra.aero), AMST-Systemtechnik GmbH obtained the right to use the out-of-the-certified-envelope flight-model, which has been validated and rated as having a very positive impact on training by several experts in the field.



DESDEMONA UPRT definitely pushes pilot’s performance to the next level


Upset Prevention and Recovery Training on DESDEMONA


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Information material regarding DESDEMONA and UPRT

UPRT Article in CAT Journal

PILOT Training in SD & UPR


FAA – 2014

The U.S. Law 111-216 mandates appropriate training of commercial pilots in the near future. FAA experts assessed the UPRT on Desdemona and rated it as providing positive training.

VVIP Gulf Carrier – 2014

In November 2014 director of training, postholder and fleet manager of a VVIP flight operator based in the Gulf successfully passed the UPRT on Desdemona. Their common response was that the training is exptremely impactful and helpful for all pilots, but espacially for the SFI,TRI, TRE.