A Safety investment for the future

In order to protect aircrews against the dangerous effects of high G-forces and rapid angular movements of the aircraft and also to avoid loss of human lives and expensive aircraft due to G-LOC (G induced Loss Of Consciousness) or spatial disorientation, the use of modern centrifuges with dynamic flight simulation capabilities for the training of aircrews is absolutely essential.  Centrifuge training allows the pilot to re-establish and maintain his optimum performance level even when flights are not possible or are not desired.

Centrifuges additionally provide an environment-friendly training of aircrew, and one training centrifuge costs much less than one modern fighter aircraft. This investment in the most modern flight training equipment is one of the most important decisions you can make to protect aircrew and aircraft.

The AMST High-G Human Training Centrifuge provides effective training for pilots in a highly reliable and safe environment.  The result is improved performance in target tracking tasks, air combat manoeuvres, maintaining spatial orientation and situational awareness.

The training in an AMST high performance centrifuge gives the pilot the experience of sustained high-G and G-onset conditions equivalent to the most advanced fighter aircraft.  A generic cockpit, modularly designed and quickly changeable to different types of aircraft, provides high resolution virtual outside view including HUD.  Life support equipment and communications are also key features.  Highly sophisticated equipment records simulation and training results, data transmission and medical monitoring.


Human Centrifuge Gen.4

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